About Us

     JEA YEU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. with its professional techniques of shoe-making machinery specializes in researching and developing specific production machines. The equipments researched and mass-produced by JEA YEU are highly recommended by many shoe-making companies. Automatic Serlyn Wetted Machine, produced in 1994, has particularly won recognition from the industry.  Facing with the arousing awareness of environmental protection, footwear manufacturers have initiatively adopted various measures corresponded with environmental protection.

    JEA YEU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. well, has introduced the environmental protection gauranteed products, Hot Melt Adhesive spraying Machine and Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine,leading the way in Hot Melt shoe upper operation, bringing signifi-cant improvements on environmental protection in the footwear industry. Many of its professional developments and researches have obtained patents fromTaiwan, MainlandChina, etc.; moreover, JEA YEU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has been awarded the recommendation by Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry, Shoe Making Machinery Committee on January 15th, 1999, and received CE Marking in July, 2001. ("Conformite Europeene", conformed with all the obligations required by the European Commissions health, safety and environmental protection legislation)
   Aims of Manufacturing Shoe Making Machinery

    *Enhance the quality of production.
    *Fulfill the requirements of environmental protection.
    *Eliminate the occupational hazards.
    *Safeguard our Mother Earth.

Due to the dramatic changes in shoe making procedures and techniques, footwear companies must upgrade themselves progressively and adopt services from professional incorporations. 

    JEA YEU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has been devoting itself entirely to counsel companies.
Followings are the main steps:
    1.In preparation, pre-tests and trials are necessary foundations for further implementation and examination.
    2.Only the company with shoe making background and capability can provide the best Hot *Melt machinery, because the            related materials and methods are changing all the time.
    3.Shoe making companies should consider the materials of different types of shoes, portions of utilizing, temperature  and              pressure during manufacturing.
    4.Pre-education and training is critically important; therefore, detailed explanations of product specifications and operation              procedures for management cadres and operators are indispensable.
    5.To upgrade footwear industry, the introduction and application of hot melt are necessary paths.