• JY-176SC/AC
  • JY-176SC/AC



Machine Features:

1.Applicable to water-based glue, equipped with high-efficiency water-cooling system, effectively reducing the temperature inside the tank and ensuring the quality of the glue.
2.Use glue from above to avoid glue sticky conveyor belt; it is suitable for flat, no fence, and uneven thickne.
3.Leading industry adopts human-machine interface, large screen design, easy operation, parameterization digitalization.
4.Chinese and English display interface; and can prompt abnormal problems to assist in troubleshooting.
5.Electrical circuit, gas, liquid separation design, in line with CE safety regulations, strengthen equipment protection, improve safety of use.
6.Precision transmission module design, transmission structure is better than the industry to strengthen 20%, reducing the failure rate.
7.With the design auxiliary workbench, convenient to feed the workpiece, and the operation is easy and effortless.
8.Design waste liquid tray to avoid the waste liquid flowing to the mechanism during the cleaning process and avoid polluting the inside of the machine body.
9.According to the process requirements, the production line planning can be integrated with the conveyor equipment.
10.Low energy consumption is better than the industry to reduce electricity consumption by 10%, and respond to energy saving.