• JY-730T
  • JY-730T
  • JY-730T
  • JY-730T


Hot Melt Adhesive Inject and Leveling Hammer Machine

Machine Features:

1.Rubber feet has Teflon, which not easily stick with glue.
2.With the combo glue tank, different hot melt adhesive can be used.
3.The machine employs environmentally safe hot melt adhesive to replace traditional coating processes. This results in labor saving, improved quality and higher production efficiency. 
4.Equipped with an advanced touch sensor digital control panel, instead of a traditional mechanical panel. 
5.The machine is driven by an advanced stepping motor without belt  transmission, allowing for accurate speed control (No noise and  patented).
6.Applicable for various types of shoes. High capacity adhesive tank. Output is stable and even. 
7.Suitable for cambered and curved vamp.
8.Equipped with the latest eye-protecting LED lights.
9.Easy to operate, low noise, minimum trouble, process and electricity saving.