• JY-737-45B
  • JY-737-45B
  • JY-737-45B
  • JY-737-45B


Laminating and Heat Pressing Machine

Machine Features:

1.The machine is equipped with two temperature controllers. The temperature of the upper and lower belt can be controlled independently, ensuring a uniform heating effect on both upper and lower heating boards. In addition, heating boards make firm contact to upgrade laminating effect.
2.The upper roller set can be lifted to avoid clamping injury, while providing convenience in cleaning and maintenance.
3.Emergency stop switches are provided at the front and rear sides of the machine, enabling the operator to stop the machine immediately, in case materials run out.
4.The machine is equipped with an automatic belt adjustment device. Once the belt runs out, the machine stops automatically.
5.The long handle of the rectified micro switch is designed with an "R" shape for protecting the belt.Its special Teflon conveyor belt features maximum durability and long service life.
6.Applicable for the shoe industry and the manufacture of leather cases and accessories, hats and ready-made clothes.