• JY-888IC/AIC



Machine Features:

1.Use microcomputer system, the parameters can be digitized.
2.Utilize digital electronic panel, the user gets to know the tank, and gun and motor parameters of the machine directly.
3.Automatic Energy Saving Function, good for saving power consumption.
4.Fault warning and error code display function, user can quick repair the faulty parts.
5.Timer switch function, to save the preparation time and upgrade work efficiency.
6.Mechanism of Intelligent heating system, glue tank and glue gun are heated with different sequences to ensure the quality of hot-melt adhesive and saving power consumption.
7..Glue tank with special structure, which not easily cause carbonation and more than 35% save on energy.
8..Supports RS485 communication, which can connect to high-end systems and feedback machine data, for the user's data analysis purposes.


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