• JY-662
  • 1.Standard type spraying gun
  • 2.Dual liquid type spraying gun
  • 3.High density type spraying gun
  • 4.High density fan-shaped type spraying gun


Water-based Adhesive Spraying Machine

Applications:It can be used in various industries, such as shoe vamp, lining, toe puff and suitcase.

Machine Features:

1.Suitable for any kind of natural and water-based adhesive.
2.Easy to operate, even spraying. Spraying area and adhesive amount are adjustable.
3.The machine reduces adhesive consumption, electricity output and labor requirements. It also upgrades quality and productivity, while reducing costs.
4.With registration of (Rhineland (TUV)) Pressure Vessel Explosion-Proof Certification, integrally molded glue tank.